Электромагнитная терапия "NeoRhytm"

Electromagnetic therapy ‘NeoRhytm’

NeoRhythm is a device that is used for sleep disorders, decreased and concentration, general tension, fatigue, which is based on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

What's this?

Electromagnetic therapy (PEMF therapy) uses bursts of low level electromagnetic radiation to activate the cell's energy and stimulate its natural repair mechanisms.

Inside the hoop are 5 inverting coils that generate a low intensity magnetic field to produce frequencies that match the frequencies that are naturally produced in the brain as brain waves (alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta). When the hoop is used, the NeoRhythm electromagnetic waves synchronise with the brain frequencies, creating an ideal environment for work, meditation and sleep.

For what requests is NeoRhythm most effective?

  • Helps improve cognitive abilities (memory, thinking, perceptions, etc.).
  • Charges cells with energy at the molecular level, resulting in the transport of more oxygen to the brain and increased blood flow.
  • PEMF machines work in collaboration with the body's own normalisation processes to relieve pain, restoring the cells' ability to function effectively.
  • Complement any corrective physiotherapy programme (LFK, remedial massages, etc.). It helps with muscle fatigue. NeoRhythm also helps to manage pain syndrome, reducing headaches and cervical spine pain.
  • NeoRhythm helps to reduce the inflammatory response caused by stress, also reducing anxiety associated with stress.
  • NeoRhythm normalises sleep and complements meditative practices - helping to calm the mind and release tension, ideal for sleep and meditation.

P.S. Why is NeoRhythm a unique meditation tool? While most devices on the market solely monitor your brain activity during meditation, NeoRhythm uses pulsed electromagnetic waves to create the perfect atmosphere for your mind to get away from the hustle and bustle. All that's left to do is close your eyes and relax.