Neurostimulator Brainstorm

The use of tDCS technology is completely safe and does not cause strong side effects. Only the required areas of the brain are affected, and the current is low and does not exceed 2 milliamperes.

What's this?

Overstrain at work, a constant flow of new information, switching between different tasks and activities - all this makes our brain work at its maximum capacity, engaging several cortical zones at the same time. Brainstorm neurostimulator was created to solve the problems with insufficient efficiency of brain work. The device affects different cortical areas of the brain in stages, changing and stimulating them.


The Brainstorm neurostimulator is a set consisting of the neurostimulator itself in the form of a control panel, a pair of gel electrodes, conductive sponges, a contact lead and a bottle with conductive liquid for wetting the electrodes. The neurostimulator itself has a control knob, an indicator light and a socket for connecting the contact wire to the electrodes.

Brainstorm neurostimulator resembles a physiotherapy device, only you can use it at home in comfort. The set also includes soft headband and shoulder bandages that fix the electrodes on the head or shoulder. Intuitive pictograms on the front of the neurostimulator allow you to adjust the power supply.

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