What is autism?

Autism is a different form of human development than the typical person, manifesting itself in differences in the way people communicate, establish relationships, express emotions, learn, and engage in a variety of behaviors. Each individual with autism is different, and the previously mentioned characteristics may manifest themselves to varying degrees. Autism affects many areas of functioning and causes individuals on the spectrum to develop differently.




Why do we talk about the autism spectrum?

In the case of autism, we talk about a spectrum of conditions because there is no single model of the level of functioning that characterizes autistic people. This means that autism can take very different forms, from mild symptoms to very severe symptoms that make it difficult to function in all areas of life.

Can autism be cured?

Autism is a lifelong condition, but with appropriate care and the right therapy, its functioning can be significantly improved. The earlier the diagnosis and subsequent individualized therapy, the greater the chance of improving the quality of life for individuals with autism and their families.


Autism in adults

Autism is usually diagnosed in the first years of life, but there are situations where it is not diagnosed until adults. It uses diagnostic tools and instruments adapted to the person’s age. Special attention is also paid to his or her daily functioning.

Like children with autism, adults may have difficulty with interpersonal relationships, verbal communication, or a reluctance to change. The earliest possible diagnosis and treatment interventions are crucial to the quality of their daily life, enabling them to acquire the skills to live, work and function independently in society.


We have collected innovative world methods of correction and rehabilitation of psychophysiological activity so that each client can feel for themselves and their loved ones the result of the development of modern psychophysiological science.


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Normalisation and improvement of neurophysiological potential in children and adults

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