EEG video monitoring

If the routine EEG data are insufficient, EEG video monitoring may be prescribed, in which EEG is performed with parallel video recording of the patient's activity (it can be 15, 30 minutes, three hours). Video recording is necessary to make it easier for the doctor to correlate the changes of rhythms on the EEG and the patient's activity.

This study is of great importance for the diagnosis of various paroxysmal conditions and disorders in neurology, primarily in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of epilepsy, non-epileptic paroxysms (syncope, panic attacks, visual, auditory hallucinations, hyperkinesis, etc.).

Electroencephalography with video monitoring can be prescribed at any age, even for the youngest children.

It can be performed during pregnancy, breastfeeding, elderly patients and the seriously ill.

EEG is painless and does not cause unpleasant sensations.


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