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The Development Clinic Medical Centre was created exclusively for the normalisation and progression of the psychophysiological potential of our clients. The main goal is the quality and efficiency of our services!

We have gathered all the main world methods of correction and rehabilitation of both mental and physical activity in one place so that each client could experience the result of modern science. Our clinic is guided by a strictly scientific approach, our partners are universities and leading laboratories of Europe.

It is thanks to your results that Development Clinic progresses to help you make confident steps towards new achievements!

Why choose us

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Proven international techniques for effective neurorehabilitation

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Normalisation and improvement of neurophysiological potential in children and adults

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A team of specialists who work within a common scientific approach

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A unique institution that combines medicine, psychology, biophysics, and functional diagnostics.


Childhood neuropsychology deals not only with impairment of higher mental functions, but also with their "incorrect" development. There is often a need to work with an earlier function in relation to a "problematic" and "lagging" function. It often happens that due to the impact on the organism of this or that "harm" in a certain period of the nervous system formation there is no timely and correct development of a mental function (serial organisation of movements, spatial perception), which later should become the foundation for the development and "construction" on its basis of more complex functions (speech, thinking).


Modern practical neuropsychology deals with the problems of diagnosis and restoration of higher mental functions such as speech (writing and reading), thinking, memory and attention, suffered as a result of lesions of the central nervous system - traumas, disorders of cerebral circulation (strokes, ruptured aneurysms), neuroinfections (meningitis, encephalitis), toxic effects (alcoholism, drug addiction, poisoning), tumours and other causes, including the consequences of various somatic diseases (hypoxia, metabolic disorders, etc.).

In our practice we apply evidence-based and effective methods of diagnosis and correction, such as

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О центре

We have collected all the main world methods of correction and rehabilitation of mental activity so that each patient can feel the result of the development of modern psychological science on himself and his loved ones.


Storzhuk Alexander Mikhailovich

CEO DV clinic, psychophysiologist


Сторожук Мария Викторовна

Storzhuk Maria Victorovna

Co-founder, psychologist, certified specialist of bioacoustic correction method


Макаренко Светлана Николаевна

Makarenko Svetlana Nikolayevna

Psychiatrist. Doctor of the highest category


Надоненко Александр

Nadonenko Alexander Nikolayevich

Doctor of functional diagnostics of the highest category


Скоробогатова Ольга Валентиновна

Skorobogatova Olga Valentinovna

Neurologist. Doctor of the highest category. Candidate of medical sciences


Грищук Виктория Викторовна

Grishchuk Viktoriya Viktorovna

Paediatrician, Neurologist, Ultrasound specialist, Osteopath.


Врач-диетолог Суслова Наталья

Suslova Natalia Alexandrovna

Doctor internist, cardiologist, candidate of medicine. PhD, specialist in clinical biochemistry


Пильщикова Ирина Сергеевна

Pilshchikova Irina Sergeevna

Nutriciologist, specialist in functional integrative nutrition, rehabilitation therapist


Безугла Тетяна

Bezglaya Tatiana

Speech therapist-defectologist


Kobylinskaya Maryana

Speech therapist-defectologist


Люта Юлія

Lyuta Yuliya

Speech pathologist-defectologist


Марущенко Алена

Marushchenko Alyona

Neuropsychologist, psychodiagnostician


Виктория Иллюша

Illusha Victoria

Child, correctional psychologist


Дарья Третьякова

Darya Tretiakova

Psychologist, neuropsychologist


Tertova Valeria

Psychologist, assistant neuropsychologist


Alekseenko Anna

Medical psychologist, audio-vocal training support specialist


Кондратенко Валерия

Kondratenko Valeria

Psychologist, specialist in accompanying audio-vocal classes



Victoria Romanchenko

Psychologist, specialist in accompanying audio-vocal classes


Максімова Марія

Maksimova Maria

Psychologist, specialist in accompanying audio-vocal classes


Галкіна Ольга

Galkina Olga

Physical rehabilitation therapist, massage therapist


Евгений Шевченко

Evgeny Shevchenko

Chiropractor, osteopath



Darya Babenko

Project Manager DV clinic


What they say about us



Alexander is an excellent qualified specialist! We have had both micro polarisation and LHC, the results are very good. Alexander has an individual approach to everyone. The children love him very much. Parents he always gives a detailed answer to all questions, does not spare his knowledge. The doctor does not work for money but for results!



Correctional Centre "Rozvitok" is very fast and bright results, thanks to an individual approach to the client, taking into account his goals and objectives, excellent specialists, perfect organisation of the process, great warm atmosphere.


Svetlana Mironova

Sash, Hello! Today Lizka has a big breakthrough in socialisation??? in Kindergarten she ran on her own, and in the children's cafe she made friends with a boy, they walked by the hands? ☺️ played together and she doesn't let the children out of the nursery and she goes straight to the contact, not as before she just looked at them. Thank you to your centre ??????

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