Headphones SOUNDSORY

Headphones SOUNDSORY

What's it?

  • SOUNDSORY® is a multi-sensory training programme based on the TOMATIS® method to improve motor and cognitive skills. The programme consists of specially selected music processed with neuro-acoustic modifications and a series of exercises aimed at improving coordination and the ability to control one's body.
  • SOUNDSORY® is much more effective than most traditional listening programmes, as it uses advanced bone conduction and dynamic frequency filter influence technologies.
  • SOUNDSORY® can be combined with traditional treatment and correction methods

Price of the device: 12 000 UAH

SOUNDSORY Headphone Applications

Intended for children over 2 years of age and adults


  • Autism spectrum disorders and developmental disorders
  • Concentration disorders, ADD and ADHD
  • Delayed motor skills development, musculoskeletal disorders, balance and coordination
  • Sensory and auditory information processing disorders

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