Appealing to an experienced neurophysiologist guarantees you a professional approach to diagnosing the disease, interpreting the results of examinations and prescribing adequate therapy, strictly individualised in each case.

A neurophysiologist is a specialist who is both a medical professional and an analyst, who collects and interprets the data of neurophysiological examination in order to give the patient an accurate diagnosis and recommend the best treatment option.

Reasons for consulting a neurophysiologist




We have collected innovative world methods of correction and rehabilitation of psychophysiological activity so that each client can feel the result of the development of modern psychophysiological science on himself and his loved ones.


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Proven international techniques for effective neurorehabilitation

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Normalisation and improvement of neurophysiological potential in children and adults

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A team of specialists who work within a common scientific approach

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A unique institution that combines medicine, psychology, biophysics, and functional diagnostics.

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