Гарнитура FORBRAIN®


FORBRAIN® will speed up the production of sounds, reduce "mush in the mouth", speech clarity will increase and the child will become more attentive.

What is this?

Dear parents, specialists, centre managers and all those who want to increase the effectiveness of their classes with their children or to practice on their own! If your child has at least some speech activity, at least babbling, you can increase the efficiency of classes with him/her with the help of FORBRAIN® headset. And FORBRAIN® can be used both in classes with specialists and at home, it is very easy to use!

Sale is from the official manufacturer of FORBRAIN®.

Price of the device: 12 000 UAH

Areas of application of the FORBRAIN® headset

  • correction and compensation of speech disorders (dysarthria, stuttering, dyslexia)
  • improved memory, concentration
  • improvement of information perception processes
  • forming phonemic hearing
  • improved synthesis and analysis of speech sounds
  • pronunciation and expression training in native or foreign language
  • overcoming difficulties in learning to write and read aloud with poor reading comprehension
  • improved movement coordination, sense of rhythm

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