Гогітідзе Мераб

Gogitidze Merab

Counselling psychologist/psychotherapist specialist of apparatus correction


  • Bachelor’s degree – Psychology – Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine” – 2016-2020 year
  • Master’s degree – Psychology – Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine” – 2020-2022
  • Specialisation programme in existential psychological counselling and psychotherapy – Passed first semester – UAEPP – 2022

Additional education:

  • Basic methods of counselling – NGO “Kyiv Institute of Rational-Intuitive Psychotherapy “I” – 2021 – 60 hours
  • Basic psychological assistance in war conditions – Prometheus – 2023.
  • Conference “Innovative technologies for launching and developing speech in non-verbal children” – Union of Masters of Practical Logopaedics – 2019 – 7 hours

Areas of work:

  • Conducting functional diagnostics (EEG, REG)
  • Conducting neurofeedback and biofeedback therapy
  • Supporting audio-vocal training methods
  • Psychological counselling and psychotherapy

Reviews about the doctor



Alexander is an excellent qualified specialist! We have had both micro polarisation and LHC, the results are very good. Alexander has an individual approach to everyone. The children love him very much. Parents he always gives a detailed answer to all questions, does not spare his knowledge. The doctor does not work for money but for results!



Correctional Centre "Rozvitok" is very fast and bright results, thanks to an individual approach to the client, taking into account his goals and objectives, excellent specialists, perfect organisation of the process, great warm atmosphere.


Svetlana Mironova

Sash, Hello! Today Lizka has a big breakthrough in socialisation??? in Kindergarten she ran on her own, and in the children's cafe she made friends with a boy, they walked by the hands? ☺️ played together and she doesn't let the children out of the nursery and she goes straight to the contact, not as before she just looked at them. Thank you to your centre ??????

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